Cancer Rising Sign

Ascendant or rising sign sets the entire map of your life. It tells about your personality. Each house in your birth chart represents the different areas of your life like you, your family, your sibling, your home environment, your work life, your debt and enemies, your spouse and his family, your religion, education and career or friends anything can be seen by your birth chart. How good or bad your life is that depends upon planet placement in your birth chart. This is a watery and movable sign. This rules north direction.

Cancer ascendant people usually born in entertainment, political and medical, family. These people are very sensitive and very protective to their loved one and environment. The cancer Ian energy brings originally the energy of the home. Their family is everything to them. They are usually talking about their father because the 2nd house ruled by the sun. Their relationship with siblings and neighbors is always calculative kind of relationship. They always calculate how much affection they are receiving from these people. They always want to make their home beautiful. They always inclined to big home because of Venus energy in the 4rth house. Their mother has a huge influence on their life. These people are very protective of their children. When it comes to children, they get jealous too when someone tries to tell them how to raise the children. Usually, these people do not have enemies. If there is an enemy then they tend to make benefit from them. This is because Jupiter is ruling the 6th house. Their marriage is going to delay due to Saturn. These people usually married to the person who is older than them. They usually live a very long life. Their adaption quality is very good and they are very religious towards the philosophy of life. Mars rules the house of career and 5th house, that’s why they become successful in the entertainment industry, surgical field. Their friendship and gains are very important to them. If Venus is well placed then they have a lot more female friend than male. Wealth starts coming after the mid-30s. It’s hard to slow down and sit up one place and do meditation for cancer ascendant people.

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