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4th House In Astrology: Know the Pleasure Of Life

This is the house of pleasure. The 4th house represents home, family life, ownership of the home, and vehicles, peace of mind, your home after marriage. By default, it is a house of Moon. Pleasure like inner pleasure which creates your mood which is ruled by the moon in astrology. All feelings stored in the 4th house. All material pleasure which you can touch and feel ruled by Mars which is the significator of the 4th house.

Lifestyle, having cash and ornaments, pleasure also is seen by the 4th house which is ruled by Venus as it is also significator of the 4th house. How you think and apply your mind also seen by a 4th house under mercury. It is also significator of this house.

If sun rules your 4th house that means these people have so much pleasure which can easily visible to the world. If the moon is ruled your 4th the, it’s not very good as per Karak bhav nashaye rule means significator if sits its own house it didn’t give good result.

Whenever moon is there then so many feelings are presents in the heart as more than necessary attachment is present with mother which is not good for child and mother. Whenever Mars is ruling this house then its good to purchase land and property.

But these people have a tendency to not allow to themselves and others to use any of their property. If mercury is ruling 4th house then people always have a tendency to compare the things. If Jupiter rules 4th house then pleasure grows slowly but at last its become very big.

If Venus is ruling your 4th house then you have everything cash, luxury but you unable to enjoy. When Saturn is the ruler of 4th house then you only able to enjoy pleasure when its time comes. These people are workaholic. You have to work for pleasure. Saturn will not give anything to father or anyone else. You need to work for pleasure. If Rahu is in 4th house then it’s very bad. People will not able to enjoy anything in their whole life. If Ketu is there then its bad again. People will not able to enjoy their pleasure.

But if 4th house lord is placed very well in navmansha then the person will enjoy everything and happy by heart.

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      1. Oh you’re welcome! It was definitely the truth. It’s easy for me to get frustrated over where I’m not at and wanting to find success immediately. But this is a good reminder that slow and steady wins the race. So, thank you 😊

      2. 🙏it’s my pleasure to share😊👍👍👍you are most welcome on my blog🙂🌷🌷💕

  1. Learning from our mistakes is a powerful message to provide for anyone who wants to succeed !! Thank you for this clear choice to correct our early mistakes and to build a winning project in all we do in life !!

  2. well written, pointed information that is helpful and empowering. Something worth achieving or having is worth the time and effort to require it. I removed the word luck from my personal dictionary. I always say opportunity and desire rarely knock at the same time. Hold on to the desire until opportunity knocks. I like what you said as well, create the opportunity. Thank you for sharing

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