Stop talking to yourself all the time

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We talk to ourselves continuously. Our brains are always active and a lot of what they do is tell us about ourselves every time. This “self-talk” takes place silently, in our minds. Many people give themselves a hard time by talking to themselves in harsh and unkind ways, perhaps because others have led them to believe many negative things about themselves.


Talking to yourself is the strange habit that can get you in harmful situations many times. Talking to yourself in actual fact is not all that unusual at all, and most people will do it to some degree.

Whatever the reason, after we’ve been silent for a while we tend to externalize our thoughts…

Self-talk, for an unfortunately large number of people, consists of telling themselves what’s wrong with them. They often repeat such statements as “I’m stupid,” “I’m selfish,” “I am a fool,” “I always do the wrong thing,” “I’m a complete failure,” and other self-defeating phrases.

Leaders can learn to stop talking about themselves, and instead, build, trust and increase their influence by listening to others. The main time most of us speak to ourselves is when we’ve been alone for a while. This might be as a means to break the silence, to ‘flex’ the vocal chords, or just for entertainment – but actually vocalizing thoughts can,in fact, useful for coming up with new ideas and seeing what those thoughts sound like ‘out loud’.

The only time that talking to yourself is really a problem is when the contents of what you are saying are damaging or destructive. Positive self-self-talking, but if you are saying upsetting or negative things then this is a problem and could lead to psychological issues such as depression.

Negative self-talk will usually lead to anxiety and depression and can have other unfortunate results. Self-fulfilling prophecies are quite common: You start believing your own propaganda and bring about what you fear.

For maintaining the silence in our mind we need to give the order to our mind not to talk and keep quiet. It is easier than stop talking to others. You can simply start focus on your breath and try it daily for few times in a day. It will help you to overcome your negative thoughts.

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