Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself and Develop your Potential

Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping. Stop waiting for other people to dig you out of your pitiful hole.

Befriend people who want the best for you. They may be your good friends or your close relatives. Start by getting on your knees to pray. Even if you don’t Believe in God.

Set your house in order before you criticise the world. We all deserve to die. So stop moaning if someone is richer and better looking than you. Keep learning new things and improving yourself.

Pursue what is meaningful, not what is profitable. Life is suffering for most of the people and there is no easy way around this. So quit looking for shortcuts and start reading philosophy if you wish.

Worry only about the things that are in your control, the things that can be influenced and changed by your actions, not about the things that are beyond your capacity to direct.

Be a Responsible Human Being. Approach yourself with honesty; maintain a kind of spiritual hygiene; stop the blame-shifting for your errors and shortcomings. Be honest with yourself and be prepared to assume responsibility and accept consequences.

Money is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for the good life, for happiness and wisdom. Prosperity has different meanings to different people. For some, prosperity is about the accumulation of wealth in the form of money, For others, prosperity is about the accumulation of power and the achievement of status that comes with an appointment to business or government positions.

Don’t Do Evil to Others. Evildoing is a dangerous habit, a kind of reflex too quickly resorted to and too easily justified that has a lasting and damaging effect on the quest for the good life. Harming others claims two victims—the receiver of the harm, and the victimizer, the one who does harm.

Kindness towards others tends to be rewarded. Kindness to others is a good habit that supports and reinforces the quest for the good life. Helping others provides a sense of satisfaction that has two beneficiaries—the beneficiary, the receiver of the help, and the benefactor, the one who provides the help.

Have a blessed life!!

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