Qualities that Separate Winners from Losers!!

What is the only thing to achieve success? The one only thing is giving as much importance to success as you give importance to your breathing. Whenever you are in danger like you didn’t know the swimming and you are in the river then you put huge effort to keep breathing. You need to give as much efforts to achieve success as you give for making yourself alive whenever you are in danger. For this ask yourself,” What is the most important task for you at present?” If you are a student then education and if you are a businessman then it’s business but when you are with family then the family is most important.


David was a shepherd boy who lived in Israel. He took care of his sheep. God choose David to take care of the Jewish people. David played the harp. When the king of Israel was tired of fighting in the war, he asked David to play for him. David’s music made him feel better. One day a terrible giant named Goliath started bragging to his soldier friends that none of the Jews would dare to fight him. And he was right. The Jewish soldiers were all afraid of big Goliath. Then little David said: “I’ll fight Goliath. God will help me.” people say he is very big how you can do that? Then he says “that’s why he is very easy to aim for my stones. As no chance to miss any hits.” And he went and got some stones for his slingshot. The giant just laughed at him. David put a stone in his sling and flung it. The stone hit big Goliath on the head. Then David killed him with his sword. All of Goliath’s friends ran away. The little shepherd boy had saved the Jewish people! That is because of only his winning attitude. Different attitude gives the different results when Hitler was surrounded by his enemies then one soldier from his army came to him and said that we are surrounded by enemies from everywhere and there is no escape then Hitler said to him “it’s good because now we can attack the enemy from every direction.”

This is the great winning attitude to find best in worst is needed to win over anything. This awesome attitude of Hitler is the cause that people follow him blindly. Worry doesn’t change anything. But your attitude can change everything. People get promotion in their job not because of their hard work only but also 85%of promotion in jobs just because of their attitude. Only 15%of promotion people get due to their knowledge or intelligence. The reason behind it that your attitude will decide that how you handle the situation in the other future you are going to face? Only a pa positive attitude helps to move ahead easily.

Convert Every Obstacle into Opportunity

A young man wished to marry the farmer’s beautiful daughter. He went to the farmer to ask his permission. The farmer said, “OK, go stand out in that field. I’m going to release three bulls, one at a time. If you can catch the tail of any one of the three bulls, you can marry my daughter.” The young man stood in the field awaiting the first bull. The barn door opened and out came the biggest, meanest looking bull he had ever seen. He decided that one of the next bulls had to be a better choice than this one, so he ran over to the side and let the bull pass through. The barn door opened again. He had never seen anything so big in his life. It stood pawing the ground, it eyed him. Whatever the next bull was like, it had to be a better choice than this one he thought. He ran to the fence and let the bull pass through. The door opened next time. This was the weakest bull he had ever seen. This one was his bull, he said to himself. As the bull came running by, he positioned himself just right and jumped at just the exact moment. He threw his hands to grab. But unfortunately, The bull had no tail. He knows now that Life is not full of opportunities !!! So Always grab the first one.

Many times opportunities are present in front of everyone but most of them unable to grab due to becoming lazy in taking action to grab that one and started waiting for another. This late lazy attitude makes them a loser.


History shows that every winner faces difficulties in their starting of their work. This is only because they didn’t fear to fail again and again. They learn every time and make themselves better and better every time.

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. Franklin’s success didn’t come without challenges and failures. One of Benjamin Franklin’s early milestones was publishing the first German-language newspaper in the United States, Philadelphia herZeitung. But the publication failed to gain a following less than one year later. Another of Franklin’s early publications, The General Magazine, and Historical Chronicle, also failed after just six issues. But these failures meant the not to do list for him and he became a most successful man of USA. Another example is Abraham Lincoln, a self-taught lawyer, legislator and vocal opponent of slavery was elected 16th president of the United States at the age of 52 after many failures in life. He worked as a shopkeeper and a postmaster, Lincoln became involved in local politics as a supporter of the Whig Party, winning election to the Illinois state legislature in 1834. His young son died of typhoid fever in 1862. During the war, Lincoln drew criticism for suspending some civil liberties, including the right of Haber corpus, but he considered such measures necessary to win the war. But then, in the end, he got success and everyone knows him.

So be ready for your success!! But still, You must fight with the following obstacles too which always comes way.


Fear is the biggest obstacle who never allow any loser to move further and take any action. Fear be the reason for low self-confidence. It promotes the procrastination.

Lack Of Motivation

Some people give an excuse for their failure that like Lots of problems they are facing in their family or many crises etc. But few people use these same excuse as their strongest reason to achieve something big in their life to get rid of all these situations. They get motivated and achieve something. Motivation is the key to taking actions. For losers, their problems are their excuses, but for winners, their problems are their source of motivation. There are 2 kinds of motivation that are internal and external. External motivation comes from external sources like Money, Fame or Fear while Internal motivation comes from Pride, Feeling of success or responsibility or belief.

Low Self Esteem

What you think about yourself is very important. If you say to yourself that you are not able to do this task then, in reality, you can’t do that but if you think you can then, in reality, you can. That’s why high self-esteem is very much important. High self-esteem people talk about ideas. They are caring and usually givers. While low self-esteem people talk about people, gossip etc. They never thought about anyone and judge everyone. They always argue with others and very greedy in nature as a taker mentality.


Some people have so much pride that they never respect anyone and never wanna learn anything from anyone and they thought they know everything which stops their growth in life. On the other hand, winners have healthy pride which helps to achieve them their target. After achieving something they remaining humble and learns from everyone.

Goal Setting

Once a man asks an old man, “Where does this road go?” Then an Old replied, “Where you want to go?”Then the man replied,” I don’t know.” The old man says that” Then take any road and go anywhere. No issue.” Most of the people did not know what they want or what their goals are?? This is the cause that they never achieve something big in their life. If you have any goals then you make a deadline for them and make an action plan to execute the goal. So it is necessary to make a definite plan which must SMART that is specific, measurable, achievable, real, time-bound. For accomplishing any goal it is necessary to learn new skills every day. Learning new skills there are 4 stages which you should know.

Unconscious In Competence

For example when I did not know how to do blogging then I thought it was a very difficult task to do for me, that means I was unconscious and have no skill to do blogging. That means I was incomplete to do blogging.

Conscious In Competence

When I write the first post then I make some mistakes. This is the second stage of consciousness that I know I need to learn how to use all functions available on WordPress andwrite a post.

Conscious Competence

By practicing I learn every day how to write a post and how to use available functions on WordPress. Now I get the confidence to write something and know how to use some basic functions. This is the stage of conscious competence.

Unconscious Competence

Now I can write any post by using available functions on WordPress without focusing too much. This is the stage of unconscious competence. No need to think consciously.

Similarly, for learning any skill, you must focus to come on the last stage as soon as possible. But still, you can’t achieve something if you didn’t have any vision.


Big vision means a big dream. If you never see a dream to do something big then chances increase that you are unable to do something big. Don’t hesitate to see big dreams. Airplane, mobile phones are also unbelievable big dream but before reality, they are an illusion or dream. They also seem next to impossible for everyone. But few people, who saw those dreams, make it in real by persistence and hard work.

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