Personal Consultations

A personal consultation is a paid service.

Contact us for personal paid consultation(written reports)-


Option 1(15,000rs only)(226USD)

Health analysis
Wealth analysis
Career analysis
Marriage analysis
Finances analysis
Spiritual growth
Upcoming Mahadasha report
Arudha lagna(your public image)
Fortune point(way to open fortune)
Bhrigu bindu(way to enhance luck factor in life)
Navmansha reading(navmansha rising, planets results in navamsa)
Nakshatra remedies & key nakshatra results
Answers of all questions
Marna karka sthan planets and their remedies.
Doshas in Kundali and their remedies
All planets result in the main birth chart with remedy
Gemstone suggestion
Mantra remedies for every planet
Practical remedies
Sade sati report(if sade sati is coming or currently running on your moon sign)

Option 2(3500rs only)(72USD)
General Horoscope readings
(health, wealth, career, marriage related all question’s answers, remedies and results of all planets in the birth chart, practical tips for horoscope holder)

Option 3(1500rs only)(30USD)
Career consultation(ask your queries related career)

Option 4(1500rs only)(30USD)
Pre-Marriage consultation(ask queries related spouse & married life)

Option 5(1500rs only)(30USD)
Health consultation(ask queries related health)

Option6(1500rs only)(30USD)
Finance consultation(ask queries related finance)

Option 7(5100rs only)(88USD)
Matchmaking report: compatibility report, d9chart analysis, 7th house, and other important points reading fee- 5100rs only
After marriage issues related questions in 2500rs only(45USD)

Option 8(2500rs only )(45USD)
Childbirth-related issue- 2500rs only

Option 9(1500rs only)(30USD)
Spiritual guidance- based on chakra reading

Option 10(3100rs only)(55USD)
Mahadahsa analysis– for coming years
Option 11(2100rs only)(44USD)
Sade sati report- a prediction with remedies

Option 12(2100rs only)(44USD)
Fortune point analysis- based on sun, moon and ascendant

Option 13(1500rs only)(30USD)
Navmansh chart analysis

Option 14(1500rs only)(30USD)
Bhrigu bindu analysis

Option 15(1500rs only)(30USD)
Any detailed answer of any big issue-1500rs per question(question should be specific)

Option 16(1500rs only)(30USD)
Birth time rectification- if you haven’t an exact time of birth

Option 17(500rs only)(15USD)
Any short answer of question-500rs per question(answer in 2–5 sentences with remedies)
*question should be specific and not all in one type. You need to share your question first to check the eligibility for this option.

Option 18(1500rs only )(30USD)
Arudha lagna- your public image & what you want to show in front of the public.

Option 19(3100rs only)(45USD)
Current transit report of any planet

Option 20( 2500rs only)(45USD)
Urgent report from any option within 24 hour

Alternative yantras which you can wear at neck or arm as a remedy for different purposes, which will give you same results as a remedy(you should be vegetarian and non-alcoholic for best results)

Fora focus in studies – 2500rs
For success in business- 5100rs
For progress in the job – 3500rs
For pregnancy – 5100rs
For removing negative energy, tona/totka- 5100rs
For removing obstacles from life- 2500rs
For attracting money and prosperity – 5100rs
For good health- 3500rs
For marriage and marriage related problems- 5100rs
Nazar dosha nivaran for kids- 2500rs
Protection from accidents- 5100rs
Sarva badha nivaran yantra- 5100rs
For any special purpose- 11000rs

Delivery time-21 days as we energize the yantra in 7days and then we will dispatch it to your postal address

You can ask your doubts within 24hours after taking consultation.

“Astrological predictions are 60-70% came true, take it as spiritual guidance, it will provide you the right direction so that you will know where you need to work more & where less, what’s your strength and what’s weaknesses”