Mrigashira Nakshatra

The word Mrigashira means the head of a deer. This is the symbol of Mrigashira nakshatra. This is a group of the three-star constellation. The deity of Mrigashira is moon God and ruler planet is the Mars. The first two padas of Mrigashira Nakshatra comes under Taurus sign which is ruled by Venus. The next … Read moreMrigashira Nakshatra


Pisces Rising Sign

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Krittika Nakshatra

Krittika nakshatra is the third nakshatra in the nakshatra series. This is situated in 26.40 to 40 degree. The last 10 degrees is situated in Taurus sign. Only 26.40 to 30 degree is in Aries sign. In every zodiac sign, there are 3 nakshatras. But the last one means third nakshatra’s last 10 degrees are … Read moreKrittika Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini is the 4rth nakshatra of nakshatra series. The Rohini nakshatra’s degree is 40 degree to 53.20 degrees. This nakshatra comes under the Taurus sign. Synonyms of Rohini Nakshatra are Vidhi, Viranchi, and Shankar. The shape of this nakshatra considered as a chariot. This is a 5-star constellation. In south India, people consider it’s shaped … Read moreRohini Nakshatra


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Bharani Nakshatra


Bharani nakshatra is the second nakshatra which comes under Aries zodiac sign. The degree of this Bharani Nakshatra is 13.20 degree to 26.40 degrees. There are total three stars comes under this nakshatra or star constellation. These stars make a triangle. The deity of Bharani Nakshatra is Lord Yama. Venus rules this nakshatra. This denotes Manushya Gana, yoni Gaj, and naadi is Madhya. Letters are lee, lu, le, lo. If a baby born under this nakshatra and we name them starting from these letters then results must be good for them.

People born under bharani nakshatra

These people born under bharani nakshatra have medium height. Their eyes and teeth can be sharp. Their foreheads may be broad than normal. They are very soft in nature with pure heart. They never do ill with their enemies or anyone else. These people do not like gossiping. These people are very clear when they talk to someone. They are like my way or highway. Many people do not like them due to this attitude. There are not very clever in communication with others.

They are very advent, firm and very stable in nature. These people hate politics. They always try to protect their authority or position or ego by hook or by crook. If planetary position is not favorable in their chart then they can cheat anyone for their benefit. Due to rulership of Venus over bharani, these people love beauty, relationship and very materialistic. These people love art, singing, and sports. They always try to defeat their enemy by sudden attack. By doing this they always concurs their enemies.

Special Quality

They never sacrifices with their authority. They can spread rumors too for their own benefit.This nakshatra is very beneficial for ladies. The girl born in this nakshatra are very bold and beautiful. These girls are very opportunistic.

All 4 padas of Bharani Nakshatra comes under Aries zodiac sign. Lord of first pada of this nakshatra is Sun. Second pada if bharani nakshatra rules by mercury. Third pada rules by Venus and fourth pada rules by Mars. If sun gives very good result in first two padas of bharani nakshatra. But if sun is in 3rd or 4rth pada of bharani nakshatra then results are mixed. If moon looks at sun then it makes native very nice in nature.

If Mars looks at sun then it makes native cruel. Again, If Jupiter looks the sun which is in bharani nakshatra then it makes native prosperous. If Venus looks the sun which sits in bharani nakshatra then it gives some negative effect like poverty. If Saturn looks to the sun which sits in this nakshatra, it makes native lazy.

bharani nakshatra mainly represents a pregnant woman. It represents responsibilities of all actions you take in life. Moon always gives beneficial results in first three padas. But in pada 4 moon gives bad result. Mars always gives bad results in first 4 padas of bharani nakshatra. But it gives good results in 4rth pada of bharani nakshatra. Jupiter always gives good results in each pada. Venus gives eye disease in 1st pada.

But it also gives very good results if native wants to be a speaker, vocalist. Venus make native very materialistic if it is in 2nd pada. If someones Venus is in 3rd pada of bharani then his spouse must be very beautiful. 4rth pada Venus makes native religious. Saturn and Rahu always give good results in all 4 padas of bharani nakshatra. But ketu gives bad results in first 2 padas of bharani. Ketu gives very good results in Rest 2 padas of bharni.

Bharani pada 1

Moon in bharani nakshatra pada 1, native fear the consequences for his actions. What you do will come back to you. bharani nakshatra is ruled by Venus and Yama, god of death. Mind wants to do different things due to energy of Aries. Native is always responsible whatever native does. Moon become very dynamic. Mind always thinks like I am here to show my creativity.

Bharani pada 2

Thess people mind is always in planning mode. These people are very creative and detail oriented towards their actions. They want to make sure that everything is perfect. They can be great lawyers, nurse, good dispute solvers or mediaters. These people are very god fearing people. These people get stuck in finding details every time. They get panic sometimes. Due to habit of procrastination, Sometimes they also take too much time to complete anything. These people think like people are not doing their job in correct way.

Bharani pada 3

These people whole life runs according to their relationships. They always try to make unionship with others. They find balance in their life by relationships. Their whole life is dedicated to provide love and service to the spouse. These people live to work in fashion, clothing industry. They deign things very well. Their mother is very creative and well balanced.

Bharani pada 4

These people always looking to take bold actions. These people always looking for investigation. They are the people who take actions to help people. These people are naturally interested in dark side of life. also They faces some trouble with their mother. These people become bossy in their relationships.

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