Purpose of birth in Vedic Astrology

Did you ever think about why you born in particular zodiac sign? What is your purpose of birth? why were we born on this planet? what is the reason behind our physical existence? Many would compare purpose of birth with Bhrigu Bindu and that should not be the case. We as human beings have any … Read morePurpose of birth in Vedic Astrology


How to Change bad mood quickly?

Many times we suffer from bad mood without any reason or having some reason. Here I am sharing few ways to get rid of it instantly and be happy and do your work with maximum productivity.Go for a walk and listen MusicWhenever you feel bad then go for a walk, you can listen your favorite … Read moreHow to Change bad mood quickly?

Purpose Of Life

When everything goes right, none think about purpose of life. When any problem occur and unable or difficult to solve then everyone thinks what’s the purpose of life? Lots of problems in life? Is life is equal to continuous struggle? Is it our ultimate destiny to solving problems? So now that person who faces all … Read morePurpose Of Life

Moon in Astrology

Moon is nothing but your mood, mother, and her nourishment, sound sleep, and imagination power and in human body it reorient plasma in blood cells. All the Indian festivals follow the moon like tithi,panchang,muhurat, transit etc and most important sadhe Sati is seen from moon sign. From moon placement, moon sign and which mahadasha you … Read moreMoon in Astrology


Ketu is only the body, without the head. He doesn’t have a head with brain and he is just the opposite of Rahu which has head only. Depending upon the house Ketu is in, it will make you either less needy of what that house represents, or will give you less desires to get the … Read moreKetu

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