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This is the all in one remedy for your hair. It fights with all kind of hair problems hair fall, premature greying of hair etc. Here I am using all herbs in raw form which are good for your hair. These all are available in the market and online.

Eclipta Alba(Brahngraj) 50gram- It helps to give a rich color to your hair and also improves hair growth.
Ratanjot(Alkanna Tinctoria or alkanna root) 10gram- this helps to restore the natural color of hair
Cinnamon Stick– 2 inch stick- helps to detoxify the scalp and fight from dandruff
Acacia Concinna (Shikakai)10 gram- detoxify the scalp)
Amla(Indian gooseberry)10 gram-this is a number1 ingredient in terms of hair care. It helps to fight from hair fall, improve hair growth, hair thinning and improve the overall quality of hair. This is the rich source of vitamin C, zinc and minerals.
Heena powder(Lawsonia Inermis)10gram-It gives a good color to your hair. If you have fresh leaves then you can use them by making a good paste. It also works as a conditioner for hair.
Water-250ml for soaking the herbs except for Heena.…….. Read the full post on Hair Mask

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