Formula of Success

You achieve Success in any field once you know how hard work needed to gain it. Success only happens by taking action every single day, by learning and defeating each obstacle and, and getting motivated by upcoming successful days. If you keep this formula in your mind and apply it, there is everything you think, you can achieve it.

Every Action= Opposite Reaction What You Should Do?

Find Out Exactly Who You Are Your strength and weakness

This is a very basic concept. Are you aware? Who you actually are? In what thing you are good? If you have a great desire to achieve big in life then you must know who you are exactly. Most people work on their weakness. But you should focus on your strength only. Ignore your weakness. You can understand it with an example of a school exam. If you get 90 out of 100 in maths and you fail in rest of subjects then nobody will appreciate you for maths rather than everyone is asked to focus on other and say you are very poor in studies. Ask yourself what you are and what the things you like and you are good at those things like maths or painting or marketing? Focus on those things only to achieve big success. Figure it out whatever the skill you have.

Act Less, Think More

Work Extremely Hard At Strength

Hustle is the only variable. Only your hard work create a difference for common people and you in any field. If you wish to achieve big always remember a saying DO OR DIE. Success does not evolve out of thin air and no one ever became successful while being asleep or when being lazy. Get out from the useless idea of a good idea. Most people think as an ad idea can help to achieve a good amount of success. This is impractical. You can achieve anything by doing the right way with hard work. Successful people work more to achieve more. Luck is not in your hand but hard work is in your hand. You can create luck with your work. When other works for 8 hours, you can work more than them and achieve more than them. It’s very simple. So remember that always try to improve on strength and work on it to improve every day.

How To win:Action/ Argument

Get People’s Attention and Leverage it

Attention is the only asset in this world. I have your attention before writing it that’s why you are reading it. Maybe you are my blog follower. Maybe randomly you are visiting on my blog. But first I get your attention then you are reading it this is confirmed. So this article has value until I have your attention otherwise it is zero.

If you want to do big in life, without people support you can’t achieve something big. In today’s life, everyone is busy nobody is easily giving their attention to anyone. But still if you able to grab public attention, you will create a difference between the ordinary public and you.

Choose The Easy Or Choose The Right?

Deploy an Enormous Amount of Patience

Overnight success is a myth. If you think like one day you will rise up and some magic happens and you become successful then it will never happen. People want everything to happen in an instant. When we get instant results and convenience in some parts of our life, then we expect other areas of our life to work just as quick and easy. But, this mindset causes problems when something doesn’t happen as we plan it. So we get depressed and stop working and give up. Only longtime continuous hard work in right direction give success which looks like overnight success to others but actually, it is not. Controlling your psychological state for patience gives you more opportunities. A patient person will have more time to consider different solutions to any problem and put in a better effort for a higher-quality result in comparison to other common people.

Give Back To Everyone Who Helps You

Giving back might give individuals a mental boost by providing them with a neurochemical sense of reward. Putting the needs of others ahead of one’s own can also improve one’s spiritual health. Altruism can provide a sense of direction and bring a purpose to life. Lending a helping hand benefits you very well. Reaching out to citizens in need elsewhere creates an environment for you to meet new people, learn new skills, and be of service. Be grateful always no matter what you achieve in your life. If someday your success will go still people will love because of your gratitude and down to earth nature. It will always help you to rise up again. The experience of helping others can lead to a sense of greater self-worth and confidence. And volunteering can provide you with a sense of purpose, especially in tough times. Your altruistic acts will almost always have the unforeseen side effect of bringing benefits to you. People will be inclined to help you. Doors will open for you. When people realize that you really don’t have an ulterior motive for helping them, they will be extremely grateful. You will be seen as someone helpful. Your reputation will increase, as will the trust that people put on you.

Asking For Help? Why will someone Help you?

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  1. Just being is sometimes the hardest thing to do when you don’t love yourself but if you can accept who you are, wonderful things await! 🙂 Great post, Nidhi!

  2. Great post Nidhi. Thus you have shown that only hard work over time will create success and I agree with you. I am still trying hard each day even when I do not feel like it. One aspect of my life each day always need attention towards success. Learning is fun in my mind.

  3. A lot of times, expecting instant gratification will lead you to disappointment. Overnight success is a myth and if you can accomplish something overnight, then maybe you might have to re evaluate your goals. Hard work pays offs always

  4. What an amazing post. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it! Success doesn’t just fall into our laps, if we apply ourselves correctly we can go far. There’s always more happiness in giving than receiving too! 🔥👏🏾👏🏾

  5. Wow Nidhi, you’re already a celebrity here 👋👋👋 Please accept this humble follower. Looking forward to to becoming your favourite follower 😊

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