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Virgo Rising Sign

Ascendant is very different than your sun sign or moon sign. Ascendants or rising signs set the entire map of your life. Ascendant is the first house of your birth chart and each house is controlling different area of your life like your personality, wealth, speech, neighbors, education, enemy, debt, marriage, travel, fame, business or job etc. Its totally depend upon how planets are placed in your birth chart, results may be different. Virgo is an earthy sign and dual in nature. It rules south direction. It is strong in daytime.

These people are very calculative about their body. They are self-critical sometimes. They are very analytical because of 1st house rules by mercury. 2nd house us ruled by Libra so they always try to maintain the balance of beauty in their home life. Due to karmic backlogs, they always run into hardships in their family life. These people very deeply involved with their siblings and neighbors. 3rd house ruled by mars so either their relationship with a sibling is quite deep or violent. It’s totally depending upon the placement of mars. These people can become a very good writer too. Their mother usually a very philosophical or religious and friendly in nature. Education, creativity, children or fun is like a duty for Virgo people. Due to this kind of attitude makes them feel tired. These people want an intelligent partner like they must be academically good. The partner is little wired than normal people for Virgo ascendant. This is because it rules by Jupiter. However, the family of a spouse is quite religious. Virgo people are very headstrong towards their joint assets. Their religious views are very strong due to the earthy sign tarus in 9th house. They can be good teachers or salesman because 10th house ruled by mercury. They are close to their friends more than their family because the moon is controlling the house of friends. Their mother is also very friendly to them. Their ego dominates their spiritual life as the sun is controlling the 5th house.

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