You Are Your Habits!!

Good habits increase your chances to grow yourself and make yourself successful. I can’t guarantee that following these habits which I am going to describe here, can make you super successful but applying these in your life definitely make you better in your life and helps you to grow your success. We are what we repeatedly do. Your habits tell everyone that what you are and where you will be in the future. So what are these simple habits which makes a great difference in your life? I am describing here those habits!!!

Realistic Optimism

Optimism is being positive in life and seeing the bright side of every situation. These people never think negatively about any situation. If you start anything from zero and want to be a hero then it is first very important habit for you as if you become negative then you can’t achieve anything in your life. Being negative you get easily Demotivated and easily give up in any situation and life become a tragedy for you. Doing so much hard work you need lots of energy and a positive outlook towards life and negativity drain your energy from you and making you a negative thinker. Your job is to stay optimistic and believe in yourself that yes, you can do it. But sometimes people take it too far and far away from reality. So it is important to stay positive but do not forget the reality. This approach is called realistic optimism. For example, you start something as a business but continuously in long run, you got failure in that then you should leave that business. Here instead of being optimistic is not as important as being really optimistic. So you need a balance of optimism and practicality. Being realistic optimistic make you know that when you will be optimistic and when you will change your direction.

Unshakable Confidence

This is a very important factor to have unshakable confidence if you want to do something in life. This is because people around you never believe in you that you can do something and they try to bring you down that leave it, you can’t do this. Most people say to you that you will become an example of failure like others and they give you examples of failure. To avoid this toxic behavior of others, you need unshakable confidence that their negative attitude can’t bother you. This confidence gives you the energy to tell yourself that you can do it no matter what people say and you will prove them wrong. It makes you tougher in your life day by day. If you have the tremendous amount of unshakable confidence, then you will take every criticism and negative talk as feedback and improve yourself by using it. Suppose you started a business of making pen and a customer came to you and say lots of negative feedback and criticize you a lot. What happened next? If you have unshakable confidence then you will improve your product quality and observe everything realistically or if you don’t have confidence then you easily give up. Whenever you start something a lot of people try to bring you down. Only your high self-confidence gives you a belief and energy to go further and prove them wrong. If you did not have a good self-confidence then you feel like everyone who criticizes you, insult you. If you think so then you are unable to do something and unable to improve anything. If you do it continuously then one day you give up on your idea as criticism never stop as people have a tendency to always pick your faults. Self-confidence stops you from quitting.

Step Outside From Your Comfort Zone

If you wish to do something big, then you have to do lots of those things in which you are not so much comfortable. But if you want your dream life, you have to do the things which are out of your comfort zone. You will have to be uncomfortable to be successful at something. For example, you say you are an introvert person. You never like to talk with everyone or social gathering. But your work need to meet new people on different position and meetings or you have to give a presentation of your idea in front of many people, you need to make the new useful connection for your business then you have to choose between what you wanna be??? A successful person or an introvert person?? If you choose to be introvert then someone else will do these things and achieve that goal which you wish always!! This is why successful people always push themselves and came out from their comfort zone. Most of the time we are becoming too comfortable with everything like it is okay if I am receiving a 5000$ salary or I have this much savings in my bank account. I do not need more. If you have this mindset then you will never grow in your life or achieve something big. This is because this process is uncomfortable. But if you learn how to deal with it then definitely you will grow and achieve the desired target. This skill will help you everywhere in life.

Be Obsessive

Being obsessive means never give up easily in any condition. This means keep thinking until getting the solution of something. It develops the feeling of competitiveness with others and encourages you to gain more and more knowledge and achieve the target. Successful people never get influences that what other people think about them. They never get affected if others think that they are strange or bad. They only focus on the current problem in their mind and trying to find out the best solution to that problem no matter what people say or think. Other’s poor thinking about them never creates any negative difference. Successful people always think about improvement or betterment.

Hard Work

Successful people in any field, always work harder than others. Hard work is more important than luck and talent. Many people have talent but only a few achieve big in life…why?? Because of hard work. This is the only factor which under your control and able to create a difference between you and other ordinary people. Do not underestimate the power of hard work. If someone is a self-made millionaire then it is guaranteed that he did a lot of hard work in his early days. This is not like he is lucky or talented. Some people think like they are doing favor or obligation to others by doing their 8-hour work. These are like people whenever they complete the job timings they ran to their house and started watching tv every day like a routine. They never defeat someone who works extra than them and gaining extra output by input extra efforts of hard work. Hard worker people work hard as much as they can. Hard work is in your control. You can’t control your looks or god gifted talents. Hard work increases the chances to grow you where you put your time and energy because of 99% people in the world unable to do hard work.

Focus Only On Your Strength

If you try to do everything you can’t do anything in a good way and end up master of none. Every successful person is best in one thing in their field. If any good singer tries to do coding in Java, he will not gain as much money as he can gain from his singing. Be best at your one thing. Suppose if you are a software engineer and you know coding very well then you can’t make so much money in any other field as compared to coding. This is only possible when you only focus on your strength. Find out what is your strength??? Are you technically sound or you can do anything else?? whatever it is, focus and improve it to get the desired outcome.

Continuous Learning Attitude

This is the thing which is very basic but not everyone owns this attitude. Your future depends on your learning attitude. Do not leave the learning attitude after college or school, it is a lifelong process. Most people don’t even think about learning. If you keep educating yourself, your chances increase to gain more and more in life. The more you learn, the more you earn.


It doesn’t create any single difference if you do something once. Like you decide to read books but one day you read and other days you watch tv, then it doesn’t create any difference in your life. If you continue it years and years in your life then it will create a huge difference in your thinking patterns and helps you a lot. For example, if you start a blog but you unable to give time and your work efforts on it then one day you will definitely fail as continuous work is key.

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  1. Awesome post Nidhi. keep going. Would you mind saying, do you make the fonts bold or it’s the style of this font?

    Glad to come across your post. 😊

  2. This post had me thinking from the start to the end. You know how to increase the hold on our attention as you constantly hit on the most important abilities we have within each of us to succeed. Thank you very much Nidhi !! All the best in your future posts !!

  3. Thanks for sharing!.. 🙂
    “We all have our own life to pursue, our own kind of dream to be weaving. And we all have some power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” Louisa May Alcott

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