Delayed Gratification:The Mother Of All Skill

Giving up temporary pleasure for future gains is called delayed gratification. An individual’s ability to delay gratification plays a significant role in shaping their health, well-being, and success in each aspect of life. If given a choice between receiving 1 dollar today and 10 dollars tomorrow, most of us would likely opt for the latter. This kind of decision-making process is Delayed Gratification, and we practice it every time we consciously forgo immediate rewards to reap the benefits of a more distant goal. No matter how bad you are at resisting temptations, there are ways to enhance self-control if you’re motivated to use them. Delayed gratification is one of the most effective personal skill of successful people. There is a strong connection between leaving temporary pleasure and achieving success. You can take an example like whenever you achieve good marks in any exam, you leave the pleasure of watching tv or something else. If you make money through investment, then you may leave the temporary pleasure of expenses. We often make our life choices according to how we can avoid pain in the present moment and, in doing so, fail to see that the path of delayed gratification is sometimes where the real solutions to our problems lie. As we get mature, we must learn to tolerate the discomfort of delayed gratification if we have a greater goal in mind. Mature or older people don’t expect others to meet their needs or expectations. They understand and accept that they won’t always be gratified in life.

How to Deal with Your Enemies?

Being able to delay satisfaction isn’t the easiest skill to acquire for the common man. It seems impossible for people who haven’t learned to control their impulses and quick reaction habit. Years of habit cements an individual’s self-control. Choosing to have something now might feel good, but making the effort to have discipline and manage your impulses can result in better rewards in the future. Over time, delaying gratification will improve your control over yourself and unconsciously this will help you to achieve your long-term goals faster.

When struggling with an impulse, replace tempting thoughts with others. If possible, physically remove yourself from the situation. Then, keep your mind busy with other interesting activities which you like most. Take an example if you wish to have good body shape and now you have to leave the pleasure of eating cake, then do not think about cake. Go outside and do something else like yoga or exercise or eat healthy snacks. Next thing you can do for delayed gratification is prepared your Why Sheet. Give a strong reason to yourself to achieve something. Like in the previous example avoiding cake give you good shape but in why sheet you must give strong why like you do not take sugar or cake because you want to live a long healthy and good life. You want to spend more time with your family not because you wish to show off your fitness to others. Strong reason will help you always. Another way to achieve delayed gratification is to break your goal into chunks. Take an example if you fix a goal to invest 6 lakhs in a year then you need to invest 50,000 per month in the bank rather than spend on luxury items or anywhere else. But when you achieve your amount of 6 lakhs at the end of the year, then you can reward yourself for this achievement by purchasing that item which you want most or going for movie or dinner in your favorite place. Doing this you are avoiding depression of self-control. Delayed gratification is very rare and hard to achieve at this time because we live in an environment of instant gratification. Whenever we wish to do something it will do in few seconds like if you wish to have pizza in few seconds you can place an order, if you want to talk someone, in few seconds you can talk by using social media or cellphone. There are no so many efforts require nowadays that’s why self-control is very rare to find.

Proving to Society ???

Avoiding temptation requires anticipating situations where unwanted desires might emerge and taking proactive steps to ensure that one doesn’t succumb to the problematic desire. By delayed gratification, you can compete with other and win over them as most of them are used to living in an instant gratification world. By setting well-defined goals you can separate yourself from ordinary common people who didn’t have the ability of self-control. Self-controlling power is rare nowadays but if you succeed in doing so, success will come in all area of life. Lack of this delayed gratification success is far away for most people in life. As everyone knows that sugar is harmful but one few control over their eating habit. Everyone knows that saving and investing is good for financial freedom but only few can avoid temporary spending. Rewarding after achievement of goal will help you always.


60 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification:The Mother Of All Skill

  1. Good post! It’s not easy because the flesh is always there and wanting to feel pleasure. However, a fruit of God’s Holy Spirit is SELF CONTROL. If you allow this Spirit to fill you and govern your life, you will be empowered to walk and live in self control…Stay blessed my friend!

  2. A comprehensive and thoughtful post illustrating the varied benefits gained by denial of immediate gratification.
    Focusing on lifestyle and living habits, our life can change dramatically.
    An excellent post and blog, one that is complete with helpful hints that enable personal change.

  3. I can totally identify with what you are saying, Nidhi. I am a pleasure delayer and it has brought much benefit into my life.
    Where you say “people who haven’t learned to control their impulses and quick reaction habit”, this makes me think about another aspect of my personality. When someone says or does something that annoys me, I often react in ways that I am ashamed of later. I never considered using delayed gratification for these situations, but you make me think that this could be possible. If I can bite my tongue to stop my instant reaction and keep my quick temper, then there will be much benefit in this. Thanks so much for sharing and for helping me in my journey.
    I wish you much success in your efforts and blessings in your life, Nidhi.
    Kindness – Robert.

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!… I am not concerned about gratification, instant or otherwise, because that is not my goal in life… therefore I am free and open in mind, spirit and heart to live and enjoy life, every day being a new adventure… that I am able to do that is in itself gratification…. 🙂

    “The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” Albert Einstein

  5. Loving your posts, they are really helping me focus. I am taking 100 days out of things I don’t feel a beneficial to my life, not only that I am not telling anyone what they are so I have a better chance to succeed. I learned that in another one of your posts. Im on day 12 now and feeling great. thanks

  6. In this society where “instant gratification” is sadly the norms, I really appreciate it when someone talks about the virtue of its opposite — the delaying of ones gratification for future benefits.

    As for me, it took me decades to build this habit. I began practicing with small things, then gradually applying it to more significant areas in my life.

    Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. Our society now is gravely in need of this virtue. I salute you on this great article!

  7. I hope that your readers take these words to heart! In my first years of my working life, I had little delayed gratification. As a result, I had little to show except debt during that time. And then, having a desire and focus, my last twenty-five years have been radically different. Once you understand that saving and investing over the long term will provide for you later, you become more in control of your life.

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