Sade Sati(7½ year time of Saturn)

Sade Sati is the most favorite and fearful topic of everyone. Sade Sati means 7 and a half year time period of Saturn transit in your horoscope. When Saturn transit 12th from your moon or second place from your moon in your birth chart, it’s a 7½ year cycle because Saturn takes 2½ year in … Read moreSade Sati(7½ year time of Saturn)


Ketu is only the body, without the head. He doesn’t have a head with brain and he is just the opposite of Rahu which has head only. Depending upon the house Ketu is in, it will make you either less needy of what that house represents, or will give you less desires to get the … Read moreketu


Rahu is North node of the moon, which only has a head and nobody; because the body is the south node of the moon called KETU and that is a major part of the Vedic Astrological system. Rahu loves the worldly riches, and possession of all the material things. Rahu is where our ambitions are, … Read moreRahu


In Astrology, Venus has dual rulership over Libra and Taurus. Venus represents two main areas of our life: love and money. It represents wife for male. Venus also represents females in your life that you come across; pleasure from luxury.   All intangible pleasure like cash which always gives you fear about it, comes under … Read moreVenus


Jupiter is known to be the most generous of all planets as it expands without expectations. Its placement in a chart defines the spiritual views, bent of mind, kind of faith and religion and materialistic standing of a person. Jupiter is wisdom and the type of teachers you run into in your life. Jupiter controls … Read moreJupiter


Mars is the God of War in astrology and the planet of energy. The mars is the desire. It represents red blood cells in human body. The soul doesn’t take birth and body is unable to take birth again in this world. What makes you come to earth as a human being is a desire. … Read moreMars


Mercury is nothing just your intelligence. This is another form of Rahu; like Rahu is the negative side of the mind and Mercury is the positive application of mind. In our mind where the memory is stored, there is a fluid called grey matter, this represents mercury in astrology. The grey matter includes regions of … Read moreMercury

Moon in Astrology

Moon is nothing but your mood, mother, and her nourishment, sound sleep, and imagination power and in the human body it reorients plasma in blood cells. All the Indian festivals follow the moon like tithi,panchang,muhurat, transit etc and most important sadhe Sati is seen from moon sign. From moon placement, moon sign and which mahadasha … Read moreMoon in Astrology

Sun In Astrology

The Sun is Light, Creator, the King of all other Planets and most important the sun is the first significator of astrology. There would be no life on earth without the Sun. Sun is the center of extreme power and all the planets revolve around him due to his huge gravitational force. Sun is indeed … Read moreSun In Astrology


Only Saturn is the planet who will give whatever he promising in your birth chart!!!! Saturn needs only performance then he will give good results. The house which is occupied by Saturn and own by Saturn will give sure results before your life ends. Saturn people dedicated to their work only and long last. Day … Read moreSaturn

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