Solutions Of Life Problems

Master in Life

How to master your life? Here are a few points to consider if you are willing to be master of your life. It will help you to drive your life in your way, not by others. Master your Mind Suppose your mind is a garden. Our mind feels like a container, way more than a… Continue reading Master in Life

Solutions Of Life Problems

Rules For Life(Part-1)

Most of our life feels chaos nowadays. We move one thing to another. And most of the time we don't know where it is going? This happens with many people because we don't have any rules for life. Sometimes it really hard to tell what's right and what's wrong? Rules actually help you in those… Continue reading Rules For Life(Part-1)

Solutions Of Life Problems

Declutter Yourself

The world is full of stresses and worries. The noise of negative self-talking 24X7 and imitating each other's lifestyle like monkeys; that we must all endure inflicts upon us a mind full of clutter and chaos. Everyone is busy collecting useless things to show off. These unnecessary things create clutter in your house and life… Continue reading Declutter Yourself

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Whatever we buy, Everything it comes with a user manual, how to use it. The mind is the one thing we all have but we don't have any manual for it. But nobody teaches you how to use your mind. We have to use our mind 24X7 in every second till our death. We all… Continue reading Distraction

Solutions Of Life Problems

A Don’t Do List🚫⚠

Most people talk about what to do become successful and happy but many times forget to talk about what not to do! This is as important as to do tasks. All successful and happy people programmed their mind to follow healthy habits. They always have control over their thoughts, emotions, and behavior in a positive… Continue reading A Don’t Do List🚫⚠

Solutions Of Life Problems

How to control Your Emotions??

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-3816093443363385", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Don't judge People! Yes, don't judge anyone. If you have little success than people around you, then it's possible that There are lots of people everywhere who want that you should suffer in your life or die. But in spite of all this, you should… Continue reading How to control Your Emotions??

Solutions Of Life Problems

The greed of Praise: Proving to Society

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-3816093443363385", enable_page_level_ads: true }); Life is the opposite of fixed. You always do something in your life because of fear of failure or greed of praise from people who like or hate you or making them jealous that you are rocking. But whenever you fail to do so you… Continue reading The greed of Praise: Proving to Society

Solutions Of Life Problems

Stay Motivated Always!!

Motivation is like food, which you need every day. But the problem is motivation end very fast. Majority of people can't stay motivated for a long duration of time. Self-motivation is very important if you actually want to achieve your target. Nobody will come to you daily or inspire you every day in achieving your… Continue reading Stay Motivated Always!!

Solutions Of Life Problems

How to Change bad mood quickly?

Many times we suffer from bad mood without any reason or having some reason. Here I am sharing a few ways to get rid of it instantly and be happy and do your work with maximum productivity. Go for a walk and listen to Music Whenever you feel bad then go for a walk, you… Continue reading How to Change bad mood quickly?

Solutions Of Life Problems

Ask Yourself ??

Few questions that you need to ask yourself, to completely change your life and be on the way to your success. The first question is Why? Whenever you are going to take any important decision to ask a "why". For example, if you wish to start any business then ask why ?? Why do you… Continue reading Ask Yourself ??

Solutions Of Life Problems

Asking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??

Many times people ask for help!! But they do not get it most of time. Here are some basic common rules which you can apply while asking help from others... Preserve your self-respect while asking help Whenever you are asking for help from someone does not behave like a beggar. If you won't respect yourself… Continue reading Asking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??

Solutions Of Life Problems

Why Does This Always Happen to Me ?

Sometimes everything is going wrong with us. This happens to everyone one day. For example, one day I write one article and suddenly my mobile hanged and article didn't save on draft. Everything vanishes. Again I write then the internet stops working. I was unable to upload my post again. Then suddenly ac stops working… Continue reading Why Does This Always Happen to Me ?

Solutions Of Life Problems


Overthinking is the most common problem among people. Overthinking is a stage where you stuck in your problems and unable to move forward in your life. This also causes an increase in your stress level and maybe you fell distracted and this may lead to lack of clarity too. We all know that thinking is… Continue reading Overthinking

Solutions Of Life Problems

Be Immune to Misfortune.

A small flame is extinguished by the wind but the wind makes a big fire bigger. A person whose whole life is in comfort always can't fight with any little amount of stress easily but a person who faces so many ups and downs in his life survive anywhere in any condition with anyone. Like… Continue reading Be Immune to Misfortune.

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How to Deal with Your Enemies

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-3816093443363385", enable_page_level_ads: true }); This is very well known that in the day to day life Everyone faces enemies. Whether you did not think bad about someone still people gonna hate you. Because you can't make everyone happy. The people who are not happy with you become your enemy.… Continue reading How to Deal with Your Enemies

Happiness, Solutions Of Life Problems

How To Get Rid Of your Past Memories?

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-3816093443363385", enable_page_level_ads: true });Everyone has memories that they would like to delete completely even from recycle bin of their mind. A disturbing incident, an embarrassing situation, the humiliation of being insulted by a loved one, no matter how hard you try to forget it, the memory refuses to leave… Continue reading How To Get Rid Of your Past Memories?

Solutions Of Life Problems

A New System of Thinking and Behaving : Improve your life by changing your habits and thoughts

  Everywhere you look, people, these days are stressed out. Many reach a breaking point and sink into depression, is so common today. But the strange thing is here that most people don’t realize that having trouble sleeping and remembering are symptoms of depression. Many people admit to being stressed or overwhelmed but don’t consider… Continue reading A New System of Thinking and Behaving : Improve your life by changing your habits and thoughts

Solutions Of Life Problems

Sound Of Silence “listen your inner voice”

There are continuous vibration and a sound happening in the universe which is happening from only the ultimate single source. Every sound in the world happens through striking of two objects always. But this cosmic sound is happening without any striking. This sound is continuous happening in your inner world too. For experiencing it you… Continue reading Sound Of Silence “listen your inner voice”

Solutions Of Life Problems

A Silent Assumption

What is a silent assumption? “A silent assumption is an equation with that you outline your personal value. It represents your worth system, your personal philosophy, the things on that you base your vanity.” All your moods are created by your thoughts. When you are feeling depressed, your thoughts are dominated by the negativity. The… Continue reading A Silent Assumption