Why You Feel Exhausted Frequently

In spite of our best efforts to be more productive, it is very easy to get tired in a day.Although the causes may vary from person to person. It may be clutter full home or workplace or toxic people or low water intake or maybe no time management. More useless items or clutter in your … Read moreWhy You Feel Exhausted Frequently


No Awareness about Awareness!!!

  One day, a frog that lives at the bottom of a shallow well speaks in high spirits to a fish of the Sea. “My life in the well is really a joy! When I jump out of the well, I climb onto the outside rail. When I return, I rest in a crack inside … Read moreNo Awareness about Awareness!!!

Overcome Laziness

It is the desire to be idle, to do nothing, and to resist effort is called laziness. How to overcome laziness or how to increase our energy level? Here I am sharing top 10 ways to overcome laziness. Exercise & Good Sleep As little as 10 minutes of exercises, such as walking or cycling, can … Read moreOvercome Laziness

You Are Your Habits!!

Good habits increase your chances to grow yourself and make yourself successful. I can’t guarantee that following these habits which I am going to describe here, can make you super successful but applying these in your life definitely make you better in your life and helps you to grow your success. We are what we … Read moreYou Are Your Habits!!

“It is not Enough to be Busy… The question is: What are we Busy About?” Be Proactive, not Reactive!!

When you open so many apps in your PC system or mobile phone,what happened ??Each application open on the system takes some internal and hardware resources to keep it running. If multiple apps and programs are running in a single system at same time, your PC or mobile phone may run low on resources as … Read more“It is not Enough to be Busy… The question is: What are we Busy About?” Be Proactive, not Reactive!!

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