How to Change bad mood quickly?

Many times we suffer from bad mood without any reason or having some reason. Here I am sharing few ways to get rid of it instantly and be happy and do your work with maximum productivity.Go for a walk and listen MusicWhenever you feel bad then go for a walk, you can listen your favorite … Read moreHow to Change bad mood quickly?


Ask Yourself ??

Few questions that you need to ask yourself, to completely change your life and be on the way to your success. The first question is Why? Whenever you are going to take any important decision ask a “why”. For example, if you wish to start any business then ask why ?? Why do you want … Read moreAsk Yourself ??

Asking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??

Many times people ask for help!! But they do not get it most of time. Here are some basic common rules which you can apply while asking help from others… Preserve your self-respect while asking help Whenever you are asking for help from someone does not behave like a beggar. If you won’t respect yourself … Read moreAsking for Help?:Why Someone will Help you??

Why Does This Always Happen to Me ?

Sometimes everything is going wrong with us. This happens to everyone one day. For example, one day I write one article and suddenly my mobile hanged and article didn’t save on draft. Everything vanishes. Again I write then the internet stops working. I was unable to upload my post again. Then suddenly ac stops working … Read moreWhy Does This Always Happen to Me ?


Overthinking is the most common problem among people. Overthinking is a stage where you stuck in your problems and unable to move forward in your life. This also causes increase in your stress level and may be you fell distracted and this may lead to lack of clarity too. We all know that thinking is … Read moreOverthinking

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