I am blessed with the mercy of My Lord Rama🤗. I am Graduate in physics and Maths, Masters in Computer Applications, Learning Indian Vedic astrology since April 2015 and still learning advanced Vedic astrology. I consulted many birth charts and provide tasy solutions to people.

Loves traveling, travel almost places in India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Loves to know about different culture’s people with different backgrounds. Respect for all religions. Reading lots of books. I invest most of my free time learning new things. Loves to be with nature☺. Sharing knowledge of good books and simple astrology for those who love astrology, on my blog, for making other’s life better by some positive changes 🤗.

Whatever I am writing about is just knowledge and information only. If you believe in astrology you can read those posts. I am not trying to make anyone follow astrology. It’s your free will whatever you wish to believe or not. I am giving all my knowledge whatever I learned and solution to make your best out of worst.

Started blogging on 18th Feb 2018. If you have any problem then you can write me on my email which is “investinyourselffirst1@gmail.com”. You can ask me about any life issue, beauty related issue, pre-bridal personalize chart, how to maintain your weight, astrological guidance, baby care related questions. Personalize questions are paid service. But you will get a detailed personalized answer to your question. It takes a week to answer your query. You can ask me about any money management, easy north Indian & Punjabi recipe, diet plans, home management or cleaning the house easily, and how to organize life, how to make a perfect to-do list, meditation or how to achieve your goal too.


http://bebeautifulnaturallywithme.blogspot.com/2018/10/soapless-soap.html—-for beauty related topic visit here.

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