Self Improvement(part-3)

Stop waiting for someone Else

This is an important factor that you should never wait for anyone else or for the right time if you wish to improve yourself. You can sit and wait for the right person who can improve your life or for the situations that promise for right things are going to happen in your life and your life will completely change due to this. But this is your Blunder Mistake to wait for someone. Instead of this attitude if you take full responsibility for your life, trying to change your current situation then you don’t have to depend on anyone else to become happy. Let’s take an example if someone gives you gifts, that doesn’t mean that person is caring for you. You can’t make a decision which based upon receiving gifts only. On another hand, if you are not happy in your relationship, and you wish that your partner must start thinking like you think and do whatever you want; then you are going in the wrong direction. This is complete foolishness to think like that because you are giving your key to happiness in other’s hand. This is a sign of stupidity that trying to change others. Your whole life is not enough to make changes in people and become happy. So to become happy always, take the responsibility for your own life and efforts for this must be done by you only.

If you want Different, then do Different

If you want different results than ordinary results then you should do different, you have no other choice. If you want to make chocolate cake, then you should mix chocolate, you can’t mix vanilla. Whatever is going on in your life, if you didn’t like it then change the direction. You must do something different, something better. If you want to be great in front of others, then first you should become great in front of yourself first. The rules and changes, you want to make in others; first, apply them upon you then expect from others. If you want to live happily then work on your mind. You must recognize yourself, that who you are? And take command of your life so that you can live your desired life. If you want a different outcome then make different choices.

If you Do not Know Something, then you didn’t get it

If anyone asks you where are you going in this weekend, then it’s possible that you know the answer. If someone asks you which outfit you are going to wear in the next ceremony then it’s possible that you have the answer. But if someone asks you what do you want in your life? And why? Then most of the people can’t answer it exactly what and why something they want in their life. To become successful and happy, it is necessary that you should define what and why factor in your life. If you don’t know about your dream life then it will never go to be true one day. That means you didn’t have any goal in life which you want to achieve. You only have a wish, that doesn’t matter to you. If it’s not fulfilled then its ok for you. That means you waste the time completely if you don’t know your goal. If you want to become successful and happy then start asking yourself that what you want. Try to know your desire and real reasons behind it. It will help you to make conscious choices which leads you on a way to success and make you a better version of yourself.

Train Your Belief Monkey

It’s very important to define the goal but its important too that you must know the barriers on the way to success. These barriers are coming because of your limited subconscious belief. To make your dream come true, you must make a friendship between the subconscious and logical brain and set a goal that I want it. Let’s take an example if you want a big luxurious house but in your thoughts, you think the people who have this kind of homes; those people are greedy, bad, selfish and mean etc. Then you won’t be getting that big house. You should change the direction of your thinking. To achieve your goal, you should train your subconscious mind.

Do it on Purpose

It’s very important to know what you want. It makes your way very smooth that will help you to achieve your goal. It will help you to take decision wisely. You know better which step help you to get success and which causes failures. That make fewer distractions and improve concentration. When you are living on purpose, you don’t have time to waste in useless things.

16 thoughts on “Self Improvement(part-3)

  1. You are amazing with your wisdom and advise Nidhi. 🙏 Here’s to hoping that those who have come across your writings. Have made changes in their lives. Changes that have granted them more freedom.

  2. If you want to do something then do it. If I waited for other people to do join me in activities then I would still be sat there. You have to put the effort in even if you think in certain situations you cannot. It is possible to find a way. Accept responsibility for yourself.

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