Do Something about It or Shut up

Many people complain that their growth is stopped, the relationship is bad, they didn’t have a job, their health is not good but to get rid of the problem, they never want to do something about that situation or problem. They are prone to make excuses. If you don’t want to change the relationship, don’t want to quit the job, don’t want to improve your life, or don’t want to grow yourself, then you don’t have any right to do only complain about these and get shut up about these situations of life. Admit it that you like it. If you don’t want to change your habits, then you don’t have the right to open your mouth for tons of complaints regarding life. That’s the fact. Either make changes or admit you don’t want to & shut up about it.

Get Your Head straight About Health

If you want success, or use your best potential or you want happiness in life then it is necessary that you should make yourself healthy. If you are sick, stressed and tired then you are not able to focus to solve any problem of life and can’t give your best. That means you have to focus on your health with 100% honesty. Health must be your first priority. So focus on your diet, regular exercise, and never do anything which harms your health. Remember that it’s your life and your health so your focus is needed always.

Take Responsibility

If you stuck in some problem then try to get all the information find the root cause of that problem and take action to get rid of that problem for a lifetime. Do not find escapes or shortcuts. Do not go for temporary solutions. Take responsibility for your problem, find the starting point of the problem, why and where it occurs that will help you to find an effective solution. There are very few problems in life which need extreme efforts. Most of the time it will remove by easy small steps.

What are you talking About?

Ask yourself that what am I talking about? If you are talking about your illness with others then what happened? They can’t help you! Don’t complain about your illness. Illness need treatment, consult with doctors and get rid of it. If you are continuously talking about sickness, tiredness, pain or unhealthy ness then your body is also accepting it completely and start behaving that way too. This way you inviting stress, and worries too. It’s very important that what are you talking to yourself?? In any situation whatever you say to yourself, your mind and body accept it completely. If you are sick, find treatment, if you are in problem then find a solution, share positive thoughts to yourself so that your body and mind become and behave positively.

Mosey Over to the Mirror

Many people have a problem that they always seeking rs mistakes but never find out their own mistakes. If you want to improve others mistakes, first improve yourself. See yourself in the mirror before judging others. See your mistakes first and try to improve yourself. This will make you more lovable and good human being.

20 thoughts on “Self-Improvement(part-2)

  1. Nidhi, I am always happy to see thoughtful young people blogging. The world needs new perspectives and ideas, to say nothing of more compassion and acceptance. Thanks for follwoing my blog!

  2. Absolutely agree with you. I am fed-up of seeing or hearing people complain about their short comings. We all have them and have to deal with it. Too many want somebody else to wave a magic wand to change everything to make it just so. Unfortunately you have to do this yourself. Then there are those who like center stage with their depression which in reality is being surrounded by negative energy forces. They love the mind altering drugs which keep them in a stupor rendering them unable to do anything about their situation. Definitely do something, change or shut-up. The rest of us have had to. Blessings.

  3. Very good post. I believe part of taking responsibility is accepting one’s role in the problem or the blame. Not to beat oneself over their error, but to learn from it. Only in this way can we truly be ready to handle the responsibility and move forward to correctly fix it.

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