Self Improvement(part-1)

We all want to be happy but never takes any steps to become happy. There is a huge difference in what we say and what we do. If you want a different life, then do the different. It makes you happy definitely. For example if someone see any rich and successful man then what he can think usually, like I wish I had this all money and his life, car and big home etc. Very few people think that I wish I want to become skilled like this man or I want my mindset like his mindset, I also want to do smart work like him etc. This thing makes a big difference but unfortunately, most of the people don’t do that. This is why only a few get success. Here I am describing a few points that will help you to improve yourself and help you to get whatever you desire.

Grow Up

If you are blaming others for your current situation that means you are not living in present. That means you have no chance to be happy. You have to understand that you can’t change the past. Even when you read a biography of many successful people, then you notice that they all haven’t good past. Some have issues in their childhood, some have the problem of relationship, some have serious health issues or some successful people had all issues in past. But still, they fight from them and grow out of all issues. That tells us you can’t change the situation but you can change the feelings and decide that how you allow it to affect you. For example if you have an exam but you get failed in it then first option is you say to yourself that I can’t do it, and the second option is that you tell yourself that, “Be aware of your mistake then try again by understand that mistake and prepare for it and do your best in exam”. That brings you success in your exam hopefully. Think that what kind of thinking helps you to grow and achieve the success then follow that kind of thinking only.

Nobody Owes You Anything

You must have to understand that nobody is bound to do anything for you. Nobody!! Neither your parents nor your life partner or government etc bound to give you anything. If your responsibility is on others then you are dependent. You are not growing. You have acquired a disability. Always remember that the condition is not permanent. It means if the person who took care of you may be no more available in future for you?? Then? Or they can say,”No” to you too. You have to learn to take care of yourself. Take responsibility for yourself. When you do so, you have fantastic satisfaction in your life. This self -satisfaction came when you say to yourself that yes, I Did that. This feeling is amazing. So try to follow it once.

Suck it Up & Grow a Spine

Your life is a reflection of your choice. If you are not happy with your current job, then you have to find out the reason. You can analyze the situation and either you can change your job or change you’re the attitude. If you are not happy in your relationship that means your partner is not happy with you too. You should analyze the problem and find out the solution. Ignoring the reality or keep staying in pain is not bravery; it’s insane only. Your happiness is your responsibility. The sooner you accept the fact, the sooner you will start making choices that reflect happiness.

Take the “Kick Me” Sign off your Back

If you think that everyone is taking advantage of you that means it’s your fault, not others. Remember that you are not a victim here, you are a volunteer. You give them chance to take advantage. If you want to get out of these situations then you have to maintain your self-respect. You have to deal with your emotion and its reaction. No matter what others say, you should start looking at the situation as it is. If someone tries to take advantage of then do not allow them. Stay away from this kind of people. Gaining self-respect makes you happy easily.

Life is not fair-get over it

You probably met so many people who say life is not fair, people who don’t do any hard work get everything and me didn’t get something after lots of hard work etc. This is true or not, is a different thing. If you think that life isn’t fair, then also you have to accept it, deal with it. You haven’t any other option. So you have to get over it. In every situation, you have 2 options, it is kept complaining and crying for past and present and the 2nd is the focus in present and do something productive. This makes your future better. Learn from past experience, do the best in present. Keep tracking that you do not commit the same mistake is the present.

33 thoughts on “Self Improvement(part-1)

  1. Well articulated. My take: doing what we say, saying what we do is Integrity. It gives inner peace and happiness. Lack of integrity is hurtful. It takes away mindfulness and fills us with negative thoughts and emotions that demagnise happy thoughts or state of happiness. Thanks for sharing. Regards. Jay

  2. “Very few people think that I wish I want to become skilled like this man” …
    I can’t remember how many times I used to be jealous of successful people but later I realized everybody fights their own battle. It’s good to be kind to everyone.

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