12th House in Astrology: know Your Losses

The 12th house is about losses, expenses, foreign lands, things which are hidden, secrets, unimaginable things or power and the exit point or Moksha in Hindi.
When the sun placed in the 12th house or ruling the 12th house then people spend their money to show off. They always spend when everybody sees. During whole life, native will never be able to realize the cause of his birth. When the moon or moon sign is here then that means native is wasting their moods like some people continuously interrupting in others life without any interests of others. But its good position for poets who thought the extra thoughts as moon relation in the 12th house brings extra energy in thoughts and native always losing his thoughts or no control on thoughts. .read full post on https://nidhiastrology.wordpress.com/2018/07/23/12th-house-in-astrology-know-your-losses/

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