How to Solve your Problem

Don’t look at your problem like a problem. Look this like an adventure. If you scared at level 1 then what happened in next level? If you think seriously then you notice that every adventure is also a problem in starting. Every adventure starts with a problem. The adventure itself is a problem. If you play any adventure sport like ice skating, then you know when you started in the beginning then you will fall, again and again, lots of problems arrive while learning ice skating. But adventure is get up each time and try, try and try again.

Same as in life, if you try something and you fail then finding a solution and trying again is also an adventure. But to make every problem adventurous and enjoyable you must understand this concept deeply, not by hearing or reading an article. Then each problem of your life becomes very small in front of you. If you don’t think like a problem is an adventure, still problems arrive in everyone’s life. Nobody can avoid that. If you can’t make it an adventure then you scared of the problem. Scaring decrease the work capacity of the brain. If you go for ice skating and fell down 1 or 2 times then you came back and give up. What happened then? Your whole excitement goes away. But if you try again and enjoy then you have to do something, an opportunity to grow yourself, learn something new. This is the definition of growth that to overcome the problem And that is life, keep growing from everything comes in front of you. If you are not growing then that is full post on…

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