10th house in Astrology

The 10th house is the house of our deeds, name, fame, position in society and recognition. What your luck speaks, you can see it from this house. Sun is the significator of the 10th house which gives father, name, fame, recognition. If the sun is placed very well from this house, you will easily get name, fame, and recognition. Saturn is the owner of the 10th house in kalapurusha kundali and significator of this house too. Whose Saturn is malefic in his birth chart, then native attracted to the politics. Another significator of this house is mercury. Mercury is also significator of business. If mercury is well placed from this house, then native is very good in business.

When the sun is ruling this house or sun is in the, read the full post on….https://nidhiastrology.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/10th-house-in-astrology/

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  1. Thanks for the follow Nidhi. I’m not particularly interested iin astrology but interested in most things I know nothing about. So just curious. You say you are interested in other cultures so I hope my intended ‘travalogue’ this summer in Romania, a country I know well, particularly the north, will be of interest to you.
    By the way, I graduated in Physics also but never went for a Masters, changing direction to become a journalist.

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