How to stop Wasting Time?

If I give you $86000 one day, and then ask you to spend it. So how would you like to spend that money in one day? Would you like to spend that money in the restaurant to eat anything or you would like to purchase gold with that money. The same way we receive 86000 seconds every day. We can use it in two ways either we waste all time or use it wisely. We can spend our all-time in useless entertainment or be lazy or we can use it on social media or we can do useless things. We can utilize our time in learning some new skills so that we can get benefit in future. Your time is your money or more than money because you can earn money but you can’t earn more time. If you are gossiping with your friends then you are utilizing your time if you learn something from them. But if you’re reading religious books without understanding them then you are wasting your time because you are doing something by showing off that you are reading something. This doesn’t make any difference in your life if you are just showing off. Your brain is like a muscle. The more you exercise the more it grows better. It Will work more efficiently. Because learning is ultimate earning. The more you learn, the more you earn.


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