Purpose of birth in Vedic Astrology

Did you ever think about why you born in particular zodiac sign? What is your purpose of birth? why were we born on this planet? what is the reason behind our physical existence? Many would compare purpose of birth with Bhrigu Bindu and that should not be the case. We as human beings have any purposes for our birth but there is only one destiny.

The question is how do you find the purpose of birth in your horoscope? This is quite simple of a task. Take a look at your ascendant, whatever the ascendant is, see which house it originally represents then go to that house and study that house. If you are a Leo ascendant, Leo is the 5th zodiac sign in the zodiac belt the original 5th house, so look at the 5th house see where 5th lord is placed, who aspects or sits in the 5th house. This study will give you a clue about the native’s purpose of birth. But you must know the simple chronological order of the zodiac.

The universe is created as a desire. The great desire of Lord Vishnu. So he created this Universe through Lord Brahma. So same thing happens with us.when we die and do not able to fulfill the past life’s desire, the past life memory stored in our mind which is the moon in Vedic astrology. Once you are dead, you come in front of Lord Yama (the lord of Death), they review your entire life and show you the good, the bad and the ugly part of your life and also show you the things that you forgot to fulfill. Then he asked you that Do you need to fulfill these things? and you say,”Yes”, Then your soul is reborn with certain ascendent because that particular ascendant shows the deficiency of your past life so that you always remember why you are here? what is your mission in this life?….view full post on….https://wp.me/p9WCIC-g

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