Overcome Laziness

It is the desire to be idle, to do nothing, and to resist effort is called laziness. How to overcome laziness or how to increase our energy level? Here I am sharing top 10 ways to overcome laziness.

Exercise & Good Sleep

As little as 10 minutes of exercises, such as walking or cycling, can dramatically improve the quality of your nighttime sleep, especially when done on a regular basis. If you get physically tired then you get good sound sleep. When you wake up in the morning automatically you have more energy than usual. Walk after dinner and you will get a sound sleep and this also gives rest to your body and mind. Doing so you wake up feeling energized or charged up.


Acupressure is a specific type of massage that relies primarily on using the thumbs, fingers, and palms to apply pressure to various points on the body. Acupressure mats help in establishing and stabilizing the level and flow of oxygen and energy in the body which ultimately leads to the more effective working body system. Use acupressure mat when you wake up in the morning. Stand up on that acupressure plate for 1-2 minute. You can also use metal rings in your fingers which comes with acupressure kit. Roll on acupressure items on your palm and upper hands. This activity activates your acupressure points of energy. This process can be done only for 3 minutes for the best result.

Wash Your Face Using Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water has magical effects, especially in the morning. After wake up, wash your face with cold water. It will charge you immediately and remove all laziness.

Eat Fruits

Instead of tea or coffee, you can eat one fresh fruit within 20minutes after wake up, to increase the energy level for the whole day. Because at morning time the metabolism is very low so to increase the metabolism and energy you should eat at least one fruit within 20 minutes after leaving your bed in the morning. Tea/coffee contains sugar which is empty carbs which mean no fiber. That’s why after having tea/coffee energy releases instantly and goes instantly too. But in fruits energy release slowly and remain for a long time.


Where you live to make sure it should be clean in every way and organize the house. Messy house creates messy mind. Make your place and all things in a proper manner to avoid the mess and lack of energy. There is a direct connection between energy and cleanliness. Never be lazy as far as cleaning is a concern. When you have nothing to do, then clean your house. Do not be free at any time, make yourself busy with cleaning.


When we have any reason to do something then there is no laziness. Purpose is important Because the energy invested in meaning allows you to connect with your deeper purpose. The more you engage with meaningful life, not only does it grow with time, it also provides you with a happy life with zero laziness. This is very different than pleasurable life that is transient, current, and illusory.


Goals must be realistic that creates energy. The goal must be challenging for you but it should not be next to impossible to achieve. That should be achieved in the specifically defined time frame. Like within one week I have to achieve 100 followers. This is necessary to be clear in your mind. You must not live your life without goals. When you didn’t have any goal the energy is scattered here and there. To put your all energy in one direction you must have a goal.


When you plan your day before sleep then next day when you wake up you know what to do in all day and this will increase the energy level and remove laziness.


When you make yourself able to sit effortlessly and watch and observe then learn from everything then you make yourself clean from inside. This will take a long time practice to sit effortlessly without anything like cellphone/internet/tv. You call it meditation. It will charge you up immediately.


The biggest cause of laziness is your cell phone. It happens with everyone that Whenever you open your mailbox to check important mail or check time in mobile you open facebook or watsapp to just check notification but you never realize you spend 2 hours or more than that by just checking news feed and replying unnecessary messages. It will make tired eyes and pain in the shoulder because of sitting the same position for a long time and make you lazy. To get rid of it control the use of a cellphone.

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  1. I love this! All of these are such great tips. I’ve been slowly implementing a couple (exercise ten minutes and get a good night’s rest) and it really makes such a difference. Thank you for writing this!

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