5th House in Astrology: Know your Creativity

1st,2nd,3rd and 4rth house in astrology
5th house is the house of your past deeds, love marriage, unexpected gains, children, higher education, lottery and your creativity. The only 5th house has all the results which you have created for which you can’t blame others. All blessings, curses, good deeds and bad deeds are recorded in the 5th house. Whatever you reap in past life you sowed in this life. If you not getting good results then start doing good deeds from now because you are able to start doing good deeds. Every relation is based on giving and take. Whatever you give others, its come back to you with interest. All deeds are recorded from every past life in the 5th house. It’s like the memory card of your deeds which get a new cellphone in every birth to get accessed. Until and unless child starts speaking, he remembers all his past birth. In kalapurusha kundali, default sign is Leo ruled by the sun. Sun represents soul which never die it takes birth with a new body in every birth. You get the only person in life as a child to whom you have some relation in past birth. Sometimes parents complain that their child didn’t listen to their advice, this is because in previous birth they did something with them in past lives that’s why they didn’t live to list them. Same with children as they complain that their parents didn’t love to listen to them that’s because they did something with them in previous birth that’s why parents didn’t listen to children.
If the sun is ruling your 5th house that means you have very pure heart and soul. It sometimes delays the childbirth if the sun is present there. This is because the person is not free from their previous birth which you have some relation to your previous birth and have to come here as your child. That causes delay. When the sun is ruling your 5th house or present in the 5th house it is sure that you have a strong connection as a soul connection with your child in previous birth but they are extremely egoistic and extremely strong that’s sun’s nature because he is king. If the moon is ruling 5th house or moon is present in 5th house then you have a very emotional relationship with the child. View full post on..https://nidhiastrology.wordpress.com/2018/05/29/house/

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