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No matter how you slice it, there are only 24 hours in a day. When you learn to take control of your time, you may improve your efficiency. When you learn time-chunking technique you’ll soon find the benefits of time management skills which leads towards making better decisions. When we finish our work, our brain releases endorphin which gives us a natural boost to us. It also improves our self-esteem and confidence. We should make a natural addition for this to gain success in everything.

Do the most important task in the morning because at the time only our willpower is at maximum level. If you make delay in important tasks which you don’t like to do or hard to do then they never are completed on specific time. Mostly it happens that those tasks which are difficult or which we don’t like to do we make delay to do them as in morning we say I will do it in afternoon and when afternoon comes we think I will do it at night. This situation seems like we thinking about the difficult task and wasting our energy on thinking and procrastinating and taking excuse for it. At last, delay becomes a punishment and task either not done or not done in proper way.To avoid this situation and finish all important and difficult tasks on time you must need to do some basic and easy steps like Setting the table first because it is necessary to avoid lack of clarity so that you can use a maximum of your time. When I don’t know what topic I need to choose for next article then I distract more and more with other works. This happens due to lack of clarity in my mind. But once I clear that what topic I need to write in my next article then I am able to utilize my maximum time without any wastage of time.

Be clear in your mind what exactly you want? Like in terms of financial goal you wish to earn $12000 in a year or in terms of health you wish to lose 10kg in a year etc. Here you see that goals must be measurable. That is called exactly what you want? Your Decision leads to your Success

Write your wants on paper to free your mind. Only 3% people write their goals on paper and they are the people whose chances to achieve their goals are increased by 5 to 10% in comparison to others. This is because our brain is not as good to store information in comparison to create new information or ideas.

Make deadlines for every task otherwise the tendency to procrastination is increased. Disease Of Failures!!

Make a list of life goals and divide it into yearly goals then monthly then weekly and last daily goals.

Organise your list and set the priority of goals. Then take action on your plan. Resolve yourself to do things every day that moves you towards your goals. Plan every day in advance by creating to-do lists. Yearly list — Make a Master list Once in a Year which includes all lifetime goals Monthly list—Make a Monthly list which includes all goals which need to do in a month to achieve master list goals The weekly list–Make a weekly list which helps to achieve all monthly goals. Daily list—- Make a daily list which helps to achieve all weekly goals. Set the priorities so that we avoid the waste of time.



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