Third House In Astrology : Know Your Courage

The third house is the house of courage, siblings, willpower, your efforts, skills, communications, desire and subconscious mind. Mars is the significator of the third house.


This house covers your neighborhood, short-distance trips, and all means of local transportation and shipping. Third house ruled by Gemini in kalpurush kundali. Conscious mind ruled in the day while subconscious mind ruled in the night. When you are sleeping your subconscious mind starts working and in a dream, you meet the people whom you just thought in a day or whom you unable to meet. It’s a place where you plant your seeds of all desire like one day I will purchase this or one day I will do this. These all the planned things registered in the third house. If you plant some negative thoughts in it the negative will come out in front of you.

If arise or Scorpio rules the third then you are very aware what the things you want in life. But it is necessary to give positive outcome from this house that mars should not be sitting here. If the third house is ruled by Leo then everyone knows that this particular courage is only done by you. Native’s courage is recognized by the world. If moon ruled this house that means you become very emotional while taking any decision. Always ended up like I should not do that after taking some decision. If mercury rules the third house means Gemini or Virgo sign is present in the third house is the very good place to be in for mercury. This place needs the application of mind. Native will always think before act. If Jupiter is ruling the third house, that means you have to wait to do some courage until you are able to do something in large scale. If Venus is the ruler of the third house, then you have so many desire and you always stick to them. If Saturn is the ruler of the third house then slow down everything according to his nature. One of the other reason of delay is Mars and Saturn are enemy to each other. If Rahu is in the third house it is the best to place to be in for Rahu. Rahu by default signifies the tremendous amount of the courage. Native having third house Rahu having the extra courage to do extra something. Ketu is not good in the third house as person planned so much but unable to execute anything.


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