Second House In Astrology : Know About Family and Inherited Wealth

Second house represents the family values of the native. It is not possible to give two results at a single time from the same house. But every house represents more than one thing so native always receive one thing at a time. Here 2nd house represents wealth and family. If someone has so much wealth his relations are not very good with relatives or he has a very good relationship with family members then he didn’t have so much wealth at the same time. It is very next to difficult to have both the things simultaneously. Using our possessions, including material goods, to maximum advantage is also within the realm of the Second House.

Jupiter is the significator of the 2nd house. Which gives you either good relation or good money at a time because 2nd house wealth is inherited wealth. There are 2nd,5th,8th and the 11th house which are also wealth house from different sources. 5th house wealth is speculative gains, 8th house wealth is inlawed wealth or sudden gains or insurance wealth and 11th house wealth is your own desire for wealth or gains from your network circle. One should only focus on the second house for the family. When the child grew up and start speaking then his second house is activated. The language of native also comes in the second house. When someone’s second house is damaged then he doesn’t have good relations, basic moral values get damaged and no good amount of wealth. The second house is the base of the upbringing of the native. If it’s lord is well placed or good planet sits in the child’s upbringing and moral values are good which is also make his 7th house good. The 2nd house also represents the tongue. When someone starts opening their mouth to speak you know the reality of him. As by look(seen by the 1st house) you can’t judge anyone.

If you are a cancer ascendant, your second house is ruled by the sun then your family and your wealth are very famous. You get the very good family values. If you are Gemini ascendant then your second house is ruled by (cancer sign ) moon. The family grew up by using emotions in priority. You always have some emotional values. If arise or Scorpio are placed in a 2nd house that means mars rules 2nd house. This gives person teachings to fight for relations. A person is always in a relationship where he is very hyper or dominating nature and money or family do not share with others. Either Gemini or Virgo signs to place in the second house, that means your family is very intellectual. They all are studied very well and application of mind is very much developed. The person also applies his mind in a relationship and inherited money. Communication regarding money with relatives is very good. If the 2nd house is ruled by Jupiter then you have a very big family. The person will try to maintain a relationship with everyone. When 2nd house ruled by Venus that is Libra or taurus sign in the 2nd house then the person is selfish. They always try to use their relations or inherited wealth for their pleasure. If Saturn it ruling 2nd house that is Capricorn or Aquarius present in the 2nd house then it’s very good bonding but the initial stage is very slow. A person tries to keep relation for long period and also they use their money for long period.


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