Every Action=Equal Reaction; You are Free to make whatever Choice you Want but You are not Free From the Consequences of The Choice!!! (Part-2)

Every Action= Equal Reaction (Part -1)

The workaholic mentality that is work more than 40 hours in a week Gives your all need and extra investment for your future. If You want extra in life then work extra for this. Regular work gives regular ordinary results only. Working 40 hours a week gets you survival – nothing more, nothing less.When I say “workaholic” do not associate it with a negative feeling with that word! That work should be fun. That if you follow your passion the money will magically follow. It’s not completely wrong or right. It always depends on your excellence and way of completing tasks. If you unable to find your passion then do the work whatever you are doing currently , with all your passion!!! Every hour over 40 that your invest in yourself or your work is an investment in your future. Nothing is substitute of hard work or nothing replaces the hard work. So work extra than ordinary people and achieve extra than ordinary life!!

Easy Or Right?

Dedication to lifelong learning is another key for success. Only a fool says he knows everything. Most people associate learning with formal education at school, college, university etc.Your ability to expand your mind and strive for lifelong learning is critical to your success. Education may maximise our potential to find better, more satisfying jobs, earn more and, perhaps, become more successful in our chosen career.By dedicating yourself to learning, you can get ahead in every aspect of your life. The most successful people are always learning in life.You have unlimited ability to learn and this way you developed your brain like a muscle. Be the student of your skill. Knowledge on everything in any field is increasing day by day. Your knowledge must also increase to keep up yourself. Use the world as your classroom and always end every day with a new lesson learned. Taking your knowledge to the next level will separate you from the crowd of ordinary people, and give you the confidence.Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities and improve our quality of life.

Habits To Make Yourself A better Version Of Yourself

Before spending , learn saving and earning. Whatever you are going to spend first pay yourself 10% of amount of earnings at least. Make sure your future self’s key financial goals are covered, including building up an emergency fund and contributing to retirement etc. It’s important to have these bases covered before you spend any portion of your earnings. The sooner you get started to pay yourself first after receiving your earnings, the better off you may be. Not only will you be able to take advantage of compound growth to help grow your money faster, but you’ll also help ensure that your financial goals are getting funded before life happens.

Compounding Effect

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  1. True inspiration, thanks! I learn always wen I find time to read the article that you publish. They are helpful. Sorry my English, I am from Romania.

  2. Exactly you are right. Regarding Action and Reaction, your article inspires those who are in search of peace. Certainly this helps them, if they are right person thinking philosophically.

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