Numerology Number 8

If you were born on the 8th, 17th or 26th day of any month you have a Number 8 Life Path Number.The number 8, more than any other number, puts the emphasis in the areas of career, business, finance, and authority. However, as with many other single-digit numbers, the shape of the number reflects its most important attribute, and in the case of the number 8, that is, first and foremost, balance. The 8 is the great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. When the 8 comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown. 8 people may have had to take on responsibility at an early age.

8 people share many of the characteristics of those born under the sign of Capricorn sign which is ruled by the Saturn.8 people may have been surrounded by older people or mature people when they were younger because of ruler Saturn is the natural significator of old people. 8 number people can succeed at anything they put their mind to and will, no matter what obstacles are placed in their path. 8’s home life however always suffers due to the fact they are always going after that money and material satisfaction, but 8 life path do this because they want to provide everything to their family; because they love them so much. 8 number people are misunderstood most of the time.But 8 life path people achieve success far earlier because 8 has the positive side of Saturn’s energy. There is one thing though about 8, they’ll either be extremely rich, or extremely poor, never in the middle.

These people have a natural desire for big business and the challenges imposed by the commercial world. Power, status, and success are very important to them. Material desires are also very pronounced.Their mind is analytical. On another side, they are dominating. They have a tendency to be rigid and stubborn.When it comes to judging the character and reliability of others, very few people can do better than the 8 number peoples. When it comes to working towards their goals and ambitions, 8s will work diligently sparing enough hard work. These people will shine as business managers and leaders.

The 8 balances the material and spiritual worlds. The spiritual side of the 8 is practical, realistic and intelligent. On the material plane, it is focused on results. These people are not greedy, they think money as a tool, not an end-result. These people are generous and willing to take risks.As a remedy, 8 people should always help fourth class employee like a sweeper. Always respect old people it will make your Saturn give positive results in life.

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