Numerology Number 5

Numerology Number 5

If you were born on the 5th, 14th or 23rd day of any month you have a Number 5 Life Path Number.The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers. It is unpredictable, always in motion and constantly in need of change.Change is an absolute necessity. Intuitive, restless, perceptive and analytical these people have an affinity with people born under the signs of Gemini and Virgo.

The 5 number people are usually tall and good-looking, charming, and charismatic. In addition, the 5 is versatile, adaptable, smart, progressive and tolerant.These people are a social creature, funny and uplifting, and very good at making others feel comfortable around them. However, these people tend to polarize people and those that don’t like them tend to be the uptight, self-righteous and judgmental kind. These people have many ups and downs financially during their lifetime.number 5s are great self-promoters. Their self-promotion brings success to their lives in which others would miss out.Their non-committal tendencies make long-term relationships difficult for some.

These people are the luckiest in numerology as they get money & success at a very early age. Life path 5 people are very good accountants and party planners. These folks know how to party since 5 is ruled by Mercury in Numerology. Mercury is a price, someone who just loves working hard, and partying even harder. In numerology, they say 5 people are addicted to things such as alcohol, drugs, smoking etc. 5 people also love working alone, they like being left alone because since they are ruled by Mercury, the thinking planet, they need to think, and best thinking happens when one’s alone. 5 also represents freedom, and fun activities like hiking, partying and clubbing. This is why these guys make the best wedding planners, restaurant owners and club owners.

On the negative side, they can be selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible.They absorb knowledge like sponges, however, they have to avoid mixing what was read and heard, otherwise, they are getting a “broken telephone” as a result. They rarely consider the future beyond tomorrow or next week, and worrying is not in their nature.Number 5 is not static, it is volatile, it symbolizes the constant search and, therefore, it may create confusion in the life of man. The one, who is born under Number 5 must learn how to control his passions.They are ready to discuss a topical issue with anyone who is willing to listen and respond to what was said.

As a remedy 5 number people should plant more trees.the more they plant a tree the more powerful mercury become. Always try to make small children happy this will help to gain success soon. Eat more green leafy vegetables.

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  1. I feel quite ignored because you haven’t included the 18th as a birthday. When I saw I wasn’t a 5 I thought maybe a 4 but I couldn’t believe I don’t exist on any of the numbers. Is there a zero?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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