The greed of Praise: Proving to Society

Life is the opposite of fixed. You always do something in your life because of fear of failure or greed of praise from people who like or hate you or making them jealous that you are rocking. But whenever you fail to do so you get disappointed and this is not good for you. The … Read moreThe greed of Praise: Proving to Society


4th House In Astrology: Know the Pleasure Of Life

This is the house of pleasure. The 4th house represents home, family life, ownership of home, and vehicles, peace of mind, your home after marriage. By default, it is a house of Moon. Pleasure like inner pleasure which creates your mood which is ruled by the moon in astrology. All feelings stored in the 4th … Read more4th House In Astrology: Know the Pleasure Of Life

Smart Work & Time Management

No matter how you slice it, there are only 24 hours in a day. When you learn to take control of your time, you may improve your efficiency. When you learn time-chunking technique you’ll soon find the benefits of time management skills which leads towards making better decisions. When we finish our work, our brain … Read moreSmart Work & Time Management

Qualities that Separate Winners from Losers!!

What is the only thing to achieve success? The one only thing is giving as much importance to success as you give importance to your breathing. Whenever you are in danger like you didn’t know the swimming and you are in the river then you put huge effort to keep breathing. You need to give … Read moreQualities that Separate Winners from Losers!!

You Are Your Habits!!

Good habits increase your chances to grow yourself and make yourself successful. I can’t guarantee that following these habits which I am going to describe here, can make you super successful but applying these in your life definitely make you better in your life and helps you to grow your success. We are what we … Read moreYou Are Your Habits!!

Reprogram Your Mind:Your Mind Creates Reality (Winner Or Looser?)

Choose The Easy Or Choose The Right!! Whatever seeds we sow in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition every day or frequently, then that will one day become a reality of our life. If you sow positive you will receive positive fruits or when you plant negativity you will get negativity in mind and … Read moreReprogram Your Mind:Your Mind Creates Reality (Winner Or Looser?)

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