How to Take Right Decision?

There are a few major causes of failure which stops you to take the right decision. Procrastination is the opposite of decision and a common enemy which every person must concur. People who face failure frequently they have the tendency to change their decisions frequently. People who tend to Reach their goals quickly has a … Read moreHow to Take Right Decision?

Self Improvement(part-3)

Stop waiting for someone Else This is an important factor that you should never wait for anyone else or for the right time if you wish to improve yourself. You can sit and wait for the right person who can improve your life or for the situations that promise for right things are going to … Read moreSelf Improvement(part-3)


Do Something about It or Shut up Many people complain that their growth is stopped, the relationship is bad, they didn’t have a job, their health is not good but to get rid of the problem, they never want to do something about that situation or problem. They are prone to make excuses. If you … Read moreSelf-Improvement(part-2)

Self Improvement(part-1)

We all want to be happy but never takes any steps to become happy. There is a huge difference in what we say and what we do. If you want a different life, then do the different. It makes you happy definitely. For example if someone see any rich and successful man then what he … Read moreSelf Improvement(part-1)

How To live Your Life?

There are lots of negative powers which are present in the world and control the world like politicians, big banks, big criminals, cruel powerful people. But if you understand the rules of lives clearly then you can spread goodness and positivity in the world and become successful and achieve the goals of our lives. If … Read moreHow To live Your Life?

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